5 Reasons Why Falling In Love With Your Friend Is Worth It

5 Reasons Why Falling In Love With Your Friend Is Worth It

Falling in love is a wonderful feeling, and when you fall in love with a friend, it is simply heaven that you begin to live in. After spending some considerable amount of quality time with your friend, if you both get into a relationship, there is a mutual contentment. There are several reasons why you feel blissful when friendship turns into love. Check out the top 5.

1. Deep understanding

There is no one else who understands you better than your friend. The firm understanding that exists between you and your friend can ultimately serve as a strong foundation to your love for each other. This means that petty fights and misunderstandings would be quite rare, thus enriching your life.

2. No awkwardness

When you fall in love with your friend, no awkwardness exists between you and him. You both already know each other’s flaws and can be yourselves in the presence of each other. There is no need to hide behind the mask of a sophisticated person; instead you can be who you really are.

3. Fights are not just ego clashes

With a friend cum lover, you can fight just for the fun of it. You can provoke him without fearing the consequences. There is a certain type of excitement in the fights too because you already know each other’s positive and negative traits as individuals.

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