7 Interesting Facts About Vodka

Interesting Facts About Vodka

Vodka is loved all over the world. It is undoubtedly one of the most preferred alcoholic beverages around the globe. But how much do people really about the popular drink? There are plenty of interesting facts about vodka which are sure to astonish you. Listed here are few such interesting facts about vodka.

1. Up until 1885, vodka used to be sold only in 416 oz buckets. It was only since 1886 that this beverage became available in bottles. Smaller bottles of vodka became available in markets and it was beneficial as its price also saw a drop. Until then, vodka was so expensive that a 77 oz bucket used to cost almost a small fortune!

2. Traditional vodka contains only and exactly 38% alcohol. In European countries, however, any drink with more than 37.5% alcohol content is called vodka! In the United States, a drink is referred to as vodka if it contains a minimum of 40% alcohol!

3. Vodka is one of the purest drinks of the world because it is made by a process of distillation of water, ethanol and fermented grains or potatoes. Unlike other alcoholic beverages, vodka does not contain any fusel oils. Vodka is pure because it is also carbon filtered.

4. Compared to other alcoholic drinks, vodka has a relatively smaller shelf life. Vodka must be consumed within 12 months of its date of manufacture. If stored for longer than that, it goes stale and becomes inedible.

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