Is Money More Important Than Love?

Is Money More Important Than Love?

Money and love are two important aspects of life. They are both equally important. While some say that money cannot buy love, some say that if you have money, you can get love. Hence, there can’t be an exact answer to this question. This question is like answering the question, what came first- the chicken or the egg?

There is no denying that in the modern world, love and money are somehow interconnected. There are varied opinions on how deep this relationship runs or what the factors are at play in this context.

Love is not only a romantic relationship between two people. It is also something that binds people together. Every human being, right from an innocent kid to the hardcore criminal, love something or someone. When people do things that they are passionate about, they enjoy life simply because they are in love with what they do or have something or someone to live for.

However, to follow their passion, they need a means of survival. This brings us to the importance of money. Let us take painting for an example. Many people are passionate about it. But, many of them hesitate to take it up as their profession. This is because a field like this does not guarantee financial stability. In fact, in fields like these, a person has to struggle a lot in order to reach a decent position. Also, most painters earn less or no money during the ‘struggling’ phase. Now, if they want to live with what they love (painting, in this case), they must be able to make their own means of living with it. They must find a way to follow their passion and survive in this world at the same time. And to survive in this world, you need to have basic necessities like food, clothing and shelter. How will they get these if they have no money? No one can survive just on painting. You obviously can’t eat the paint to live!. You also need money to buy the materials for painting. Therefore, money is equally important.

On the other hand, if there is nothing in particular that you love, then you are simply earning money to eat and lead a lavish life. You are, in that case, living with no particular aim. Such a survival is equivalent to being non-existent as you do not live with an aim in life. If you love something/someone, you’ll have an aim in life to achieve. As a result, your money will also find its true purpose.

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