How To Keep Your Child Safe From Accidents?

How To Keep Your Toddler Safe From Accidents

Childhood is the time when your little one is slowly finding it easy to move around the house, independently. It is the phase when toddlers are most excited about exploring things indoors and outdoors, if allowed. While it’s a blissful sight to see your child growing, it’s an equally alarming time to prevent accidents, scars and fractures. The best way out is to keep your house safe enough for your child so that he/she can explore it at his/her own pace, without tumbling over or bumping into the wrong places. These are simple tips that you can follow to keep your toddler safe from accidents.

Cover electrical equipments

Toddlers are extremely curious about everything that comes their way. When they come across an open electric plug, they love to put their little finger in those holes to find out what’s there on the other side. Well, that’s really harmful because it can lead to a shock. The best solution is to keep electrical equipments away from kids’ reach. When not in use, keep your appliances away, say at a height. If you can’t help keeping appliances in the attic, keep them covered at least. Also make sure, you have the door to the attic tightly closed or else your child would enter the chaotic place in order to explore a new world!

Keep medicines, household cleaners and chemicals away

This one is equally important. Toddlers not only love to explore things, they also like to swallow them. If a toddler gets access to a medicine or a toxic cleaner, the first thing he/she will do is have a
sip! Even the thought sounds scary, right? The best way is to keep medicines, household cleaners and chemicals away from your child’s reach.

Replace furniture with sharp edges

Many a times, parents allow their child to play in the living room. They forget the risks that such a decision can have. A child may bump into the wall unit that causes his/her head to bleed or something even worse. In order to avoid such a situation, it’s best to replace furniture with sharp edges. Instead, get furniture that has smooth edges. Also, keep sharp tools and toxic items away from your child’s reach.

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