10 Tips To Create Memories As A Couple

10 Tips To Create Memories As A Couple

The first few days after the wedding are the most blissful days of life. But as days pass, the love, the warmth, the proximity and the feeling of being married all seem to wane out. Once you get into the general routine, love loses its spark. To top it, marriage comes with a baggage of responsibilities and stressful situations that make it difficult to survive. But, it is completely in your hands if you want to keep the flame of love alive or drift apart from your husband. If you choose the former, we suggest you create beautiful memories together. These timeless memories will help you from drowning in the sea of depression during your lows. Take a look at some ways how you can create wonderful memories together.

1. Go on a date every month

Do you remember what made your first date so special? It was your excitement to meet a new person and to later find out that he’s your perfect match! You may be knowing your husband in and out but there may be so many facets to his personality of which you may be totally unaware of. This date will give that extra time to explore your husband in new ways. This date will also give that special time you need when you are stuck in a rut in your married life. If you have kids, drop them at your parents’ place and go for a date. Take a break from being parents and be a husband and wife again.

2. Have dinner at different restaurants

If you and your husband are total foodies, then this one is the best option. Try varied cuisines every month by visiting different restaurants. The dining experience that you’d have at a classy restaurant is definitely worth cherishing. Plus, if you have a really busy schedule and you can’t make time for a date, this one would be a cool option.

3. Celebrate holidays together

There is so much love and excitement in the air during the holiday season. It’s the best time to rekindle the spark of your marriage. Get some gifts for your honey and make plans to surprise him. Cook delicious meals together and if you want, you can even get steamy in the kitchen!

4. Reserve one day of the week for each other

Ideally, you are supposed to have at least one meal together as a couple. But, if you can’t do that, you can at least reserve one day of the week for each other. A Sunday, a Thursday, any random day is fine. But get that time. Even the silly talks that you’d have during the course of the day will add to the treasure of memories that you are planning to create.

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