Top 5 Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

Top 5 Cons of Cosmetic Surgery

There are times when many of us wonder rather than sweating out every morning with our trainer, who looks like Hitler by the end of each session, we’d rather get one of those fancy surgeries that people advertise about. There is a ‘cosmetic’ option for everything now-a-days – you don’t like your nose, change it; need some more pout, get it and so on. But is it really worth going under the knife and risking it to look good? There are times when these surgeries can go horribly wrong and sadly it is only a one way path. You can seldom revert back to your original self. With all due respect, Michael Jackson was a more handsome teenager than when we saw him last. Ditto with the woman who has dressed the most famous women in the world – Donatella Versace, a nose job, pouted lips and a frail body that clearly reveal her breast implants.

Shows like “The Swan”, “Extreme Makeover” and the like have only pushed people over the edge and pressurized the women & men of today to look good. Looking good in today’s sense is a perfect 10 figure, a derrier to envy, lips to long for and a nose that has to be just the right size. A kind heart, a giving hand, the intention to help others and most of all accepting people for what they are do not count anymore. If you are one of the millions of people who is thinking of going under the knife here are 5 reasons why shouldn’t. These cons of cosmetic surgery would surely dissuade you from opting for one.

1. Complications

Not everyone is as lucky as Demi Moore or Halle Berry to get what they sign up for. Complications come naturally along with cosmetic surgery though not necessarily. Some people’s body is just not as resistant to change as others’ and hence there are complications that crop up. Also vulnerability to infection is high when it comes to plastic surgery. It could be something that is curable but more often than not it is critical – paralysis, heart attack, brain damage, nerve damage etc. It is very important for you to choose a trusted doctor with a good success rate and also undergo counseling before taking any drastic decision.

2. Pricey

Irrespective of how much money you have, it is not worth investing in something that does not always guarantee ‘a better you’. Cosmetic surgeries don’t come cheap and can run into millions. The idea of a permanent change of your identity and the possibility of a perfect body sounds too good to be true but think twice before you put your hard earned money into something like this. Also the gamble of permanently changing yourself with very few chances of reversal is not worth betting millions of dollars on.

3. Addiction

Addiction is not limited to alcohol, drugs or nicotine, cosmetic surgeries can be addictive too and they usually affect your wallet more than your looks. There may be a celebrity you want to look like. You start with a nose like her/him and before you know it, you are pumping millions of dollars to just become an imitation of someone else at the cost of your own identity. Many people also become addicted to perfection and undergo several surgeries before they feel they are perfect. Not only is it against your natural body process but it also affects one psychologically to believe that anything is possible with surgery, thus blurring the line between natural and surreal.

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