How To Look Like Selena Gomez?

How to look like Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez, is indeed a very pretty girl. Be it her face, her hair, the way she wears her makeup or her fashion sense; she is truly a diva. Her eccentric charm, magical laugh and her raw attitude; Selena looks like a Princess from the royal palace of dreams. The boys can’t seem to get enough of her, while the girls wish they could look half as pretty as her. Want to look like her? Let us tell you how. You will have a concentrate on certain aspects and you will find yourself looking like Selena.

1. Lips

Selena’s lips is one of the focal points of her flawless face. She is naturally blessed with full and plump lips, because of her Italian-Mexican origin. However you can make your lips appear like this as well. Tenderly rub your lips with a spoonful of sugar or salt daily. This will take care of dead skin. Also make sure that you moisturise your lips with a good moisturiser daily. It is said, if you don’t have it, fake it. You can use lipstick techniques to make your lips appear plump. Like using a lip liner to create a new shape for your lips, using lip gloss and so on.

2. Eyes

Selena is complimented for her big brown eyes and thick long eye-lashes. So see to it that you take an extra effort to care for those lashes. Don’t be careless with them. Wear a thick eyeliner to make your eyes appear bigger. Also use lots of baby doll mascara, both up and down, for those doe-like eyes. Your eyebrows shape your eyes. So do your eyebrows regularly to make your eyes appear bigger.

3. Face

Selena is blessed with a glowing complexion and beautiful skin. So if you want to look like her, make sure you take good care of your skin. Where we all girls believe in pasting our faces with more and more makeup, Selena believes in the ‘no makeup’ look. So as far as possible wear lesser makeup or go for nude shades of cosmetics. However make sure that you highlight the apples of your cheeks with light blush, preferably in colors of bronze or dusty rose.

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