4 Tips to Reduce Pores on Face

4 Tips to Reduce Pores on Face

Large pores on skin spoil facial beauty and makes your skin look dull. Large pores can cause acne and pimples on skin, as they tend to accumulate dirt. There are many causes for large pores on face, the main cause being oily skin. If you want a clear skin, it is important to eliminate or at least reduce large pores. Listed here are some tips to eliminate large pores.

1. Make exfoliation a daily regime

Exfoliate your skin on a daily basis to eliminate or reduce large pores. Regular exfoliation helps to tighten the pores. A natural exfoliating scrub can be made using sugar and lemon. Mix a teaspoon of sugar and three four drops of lemon juice. Apply it on the face. When it dries, gently scrub it off from face. This exfoliating scrub can be used regularly to eliminate large pores.

2. Make a pore shrinking mask

Natural pore shrinking mask helps to reduce large pores on face. This can be made using apple cider vinegar and egg white. Mix one egg white with one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar. Add a dash of lemon juice in this. Apply this on your face and scrub it off when dry. The mask helps in reducing the pores, which helps to make your skin look smooth.

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