Top 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas

 Top 5 Bachelorette Party Ideas

“Did you know Zara’s bachelorette party was hosted in Vegas last year?”, said Virginia. “Oh really? Since that idea is already taken, you’ve got to help me think of some great bachelorette party ideas for my best friend’s wedding”, said Rita. Virginia offered Rita some really good bachelorette party ideas. Check them out. 

1. Book a day at a spa

“I have been to a spa bachelorette party. Trust me, it’s just amazing. All the bridesmaids and guests will get so rejuvenated and relaxed with all the therapies, that they’ll be totally geared up for the wedding”, exclaimed Virginia. “Although this is tried and tested, I think it’s a great bachelorette party idea”, confirmed Rita. 

2. Plan a customized dinner

“Do you know why this is such a great bachelorette party idea?”, asked Virginia. “Because it’s not just about going to a fancy restaurant. You can book a gourmet chef from a 5-star hotel and ask him to come to your place and cook a special meal for your bachelorette party!”, she informed. 

3. Take a coastal trip

“Taking a coastal trip is a great bachelorette party idea because it will give you an opportunity to participate in a lot of adventure sports”, said Virginia. “You can try parasailing, paragliding, bungee jumping, surfing and much more”. “Plus, being on a beach has its own advantages, doesn’t it”, agreed Rita, winking. 

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