Top 5 Tips On First Date Etiquette

Top 5 Tips On First Date Etiquette

Your first date is a make or break date that will decide whether you are going to meet that person again or not. Here are the top 5 tips on first date etiquette that will help you make it special. Read ahead and make sure your first date turns out to be successful.

1. Dress appropriate

Most guys expect girls to be well-groomed when meeting them on a date. But, they don’t expect you to go overboard with your makeup and attire. You should wear elegant clothes in which you’re comfortable. A little bit of makeup is fine. Also, wear a good perfume. In short, please your date with your outer appearance.

2. Be nice and courteous

Guys are put off by rude behavior, whether it is because of the wait staff at a restaurant or people around them. A lot can be said about a person who may be courteous to you, but rude to everyone else around them. So, here the mantra is, be courteous to everyone around you since that will definitely leave a fantastic first impression.

3. Reach the venue together

If your guy offers to pick you up from your place for the date so that you can drive to the venue together, accept the offer. Don’t ponder over it or keep calculating the time you’d take to get ready. Most importantly, don’t make him wait. Be ready for him 10 minutes prior to the time he promised to come. This way, he’ll be impressed by your punctuality and you’d get to make the most your time because your drive would turn out to be super romantic!

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