6 DIY Prom Dresses

6 DIY Prom Dresses

Prom dresses are highlight of any occasion or party. Girls who pay special heed to their designs always get lots of compliments. Prom dress style for teens can be simple. Prom dress style for girls can be trendy and chic. Listed below are some DIY prom dress ideas, read on.

1. Glitter corset with skirt

A plain black corset in the wardrobe can be used to make a beautiful prom style dress. Use a glitter fabric and cover the whole black corset with it. Do not leave any gap or space in the middle. This should be done carefully and neatly. The finishing of the fabric should be neat. Now, take a similar glitter lace and sew it at the bottom of the black skirt. The lace will complement the glitter corset which would make the prom dress look pretty.

2. Simple prom dress with a bow

Make an interesting prom dress using a center bow. This would really look pretty. Use any maxi style dress for this. A knee length chic dress can be chosen for this. Make a big satin bow out of the same fabric as the maxi dress. Sew it properly. Now, place the big bow right at the center of the dress. This would change the look of the dress in minutes. Casual maxi style dress is now a chic prom dress. It can be worn at casual prom parties.

3. Ball gown

A simple knee length gown can be converted into a ball gown. A corset knee length dress would be ideal choice for this. Use tulle and a same colored plain cloth for this. Now, sew the plain colored cloth starting from the waist till the knees. It should be in the round pattern, like a ball gown. Once this is ready, sew the tulle cloth of a similar color on the dress again starting from the waist. The pattern of tulle should be similar, it should be round. Keep it two inches below the normal same colored fabric. This should be done carefully, or else it may also tear. Ball gown with tulle effect is now ready. Wear it for the prom.

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