7 Things To Look For In A Friend

 7 Things To Look For In A Friend

Friends either make or break you. You need to make friends very carefully. If you get attached to a person who has low morals, then there are chances that you too might turn into a person with low morals. There are several people out there to befriend, however only very few of them have the ability to truly enrich and enlighten your life. Check out these 7 things to look for in a friend and keep them in mind when making new friends.

1. Compatibility

This is what friendship most needs. You need to have a friend who would understand what you want and would want the same stuff too. You both must share common likes, dislikes and hobbies.

2. Loyalty

This quality is hard to come by and one of the most important traits of a friend. But if you can find one who is loyal, then you need no one else to stand by you during challenging times. Remember, loyalty in friendship is a two way street.

3. Sense of humor

You need to feel light and happy in the presence of your friends. An innate sense of humor and ability to laugh at oneself will certainly make you feel better during tough times.

4. ‘Be yourself’ attitude

You need to be able to be yourself in the presence of your friend. Expressing a thought or making a comment need not be done after giving a lot of forethought. Saying what comes to mind and doing what you feel like in the presence of your friend makes you happy and content.

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