7 Things Your Skin Says About Your Health

7 Things Your Skin Says About Your Health

Skin is what covers your body from head to toe and that is why it is the most important organ of your body. Right from the texture of your skin to its tone, one can tell how healthy you actually are by looking at your skin. You want to know how? Read ahead to know about 7 things your skin says about your health

1. Oily diet

The most important indicators that you are having an oily diet, consisting of too many fried items, are creases on your forehead, pimples and an oily skin. A diet consisting of fruits and vegetables can help you solve the problem.

2. Acid

If your system is suffering from too much acid, it may appear in the form of open pores. Consulting a physician and eating slightly less spicy food may help.

3. Mineral deficiency

When your face has too many stress lines or when the color of your skin is slightly yellowish, it may mean that you are not getting enough minerals or vitamins. Increase the intake of vegetables and fruits. Also, drinking more water would help.

4. Insomnia

Black puffy eyes mean that you are not getting enough sleep, which in turn may mean that you have a medical problem. Practicing meditation and exercises can help you relax your body and help sleep better.

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