10 Romantic Ways To Propose

10 Romantic Ways To Propose

The way you propose to someone makes a lot of difference with respect to the answer you receive. Proposals are the most cherished part of a relationship and they should be something that makes your partner feel special every time they remember it. It is important to consider the kind of a person he is, before choosing the way of the proposal. If he is outgoing and wild, you could try something very creative and different. On the other hand, if he’s an introvert and shy, keep your proposal simple yet thoughtful. Either ways, do something meaningful that he would cherish for life.

1. Story

Write a story about the two of you. Go into a complete flashback mode, covering everything right from the first time the two of you met, fell in love and end it with The Question. In your story, remember to mention minute details to impress him even more.

2. Cake

Bake a heart shaped cake of the intended person’s favorite flavor. You can have your proposal message written in striking red on the top of the cake. This way your message can be both short as well as sweet!

3. A Glass of Wine

This is one of the most tried and tested method for a proposal. Make prior arrangements at a restaurant and get a glass of red wine with a ring at the bottom of the glass. This technique is extremely common and so it would be good sense to keep it as your very last option.

4. At the Beach

Write your proposal on the sand along the beach. It would be very romantic if it would be in the evening as the moon would add up to the charm and the setting will get you both in the right mood. Also try and make sure that it is just the two of you at the beach.

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