7 Amazing Casual Jeans Just Below $160

Which is that one garment without which you simply cannot survive? Yes, you guessed it right! It is jeans. I think in the past decade, I’ve owned almost every type of jeans – flared, straight cut, boot cut, skin tight, ruffles, crushed and monkey washed. But I’ve loved every single pair of mine. Although, I’ve been observing lately that the flip side is that with every passing day, denims are becoming more and more expensive. I’m going to suggest some great picks of jeans for you in this fashion season. That too, just under $200! Buy your pair before stocks vanish.

1. Slim fit, medium rise jean

Slim fit, medium rise jean

Perfect for a laidback weekend, these slim fit, medium rise jeans from Christopher Blue are extremely soft, light and comfortable. The stretch material will fit you perfectly even if you add on some weight to your body here and there. Available in beige and black, you could pair up a lovely floral, loose top to keep the balance of your look.

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