6 Tips for Treating Acne Vulgaris

6 Tips for Treating Acne Vulgaris

Acne vulgaris is a very common skin disease in humans but it does need proper medical attention. There are simple ways one can treat acne vulgaris once it occurs. There are different treatments to this disease depending upon its severity. Here are some tips for treating acne vulgaris.

1. Wash your face with water

One of the most simple ways to treat acne vulgaris is washing your face every two hours first with warm water and then with normal or cold water. Mild face wash can also be used. The acne must not be touched by fingers and definitely not to be crushed or else it could spread into other area of the face, back, or chest.

2. Use sandalwood and rosewater

When you see a pimple or a zit, it is best to apply sandalwood paste with rosewater over it after washing it with water. This will not allow the excess oil to spread over the affected area and stop the eruptions of more pimples or zits.

3. Eat healthy

You might find this interesting that eating fruits with good amount of vitamin C helps cure acnes at an early stage. Eating more fruits, green vegetables, and less oily or spicy food does not allow more acne to erupt on the face, neck, back, or chest.

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