5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

5 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Entrepreneurship is something that cannot be learnt in classrooms. It’s something that requires a great amount of zeal and self-motivation. Whether you are a beginner or an old player of the game, a good book never fails to inspire. It can greatly help in giving that slight nudge you need to go ahead and of course, also because you can never learn enough in one lifetime. Here are 5 books every entrepreneur should read.

1. The 4-hour Workweek

A book by Timothy Ferris, it definitely possesses the power to ignite the fire within you and make you get up and fulfill that long cherished business dream. The book comes in handy for the fast moving mobile world. The expanded and updated version of the book lays down the secrets to enjoying the other facets of your life while keeping your business going great.

2. Founders at Work

If you are a beginner then this book could really help. Though it may not list down the rules and secrets to a great business, yet it contains a precious list of the top entrepreneurs that started small and made it big. This book, written by Jessica Livingston, contains interviews of the founders of Adobe, Hotmail, Yahoo, Flickr and the likes. The inspirational words and quotes can charge you up enough to turn your story into a “rags to riches” one.

3. Negotiating Genius

Negotiating is considered an inherent art in the entrepreneurial world. Negotiating Genius by Deepak Malhotra revolves around the 5 well-researched principles of to use in a negotiation. The book tells one not to assume what the partner wants, but to treat it like an investigation and try to know more.

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