6 Must-Try Homemade Astringents for Skin

6 Must-Try Homemade Astringents for Skin

Astringents are often neglected in normal skin care routines we follow every day. It could be because we don’t know what it does to our skin, or because they are expensive or because we are too lazy to add one more thing to our routine. Astringents help clean up your pores, revitalize your skin and reduce the chances of your skin breaking out into pimples, acne and black heads. Instead of spending a lot to but astringents at the store, you can make them at home and they are definitely a must have to maintain a beautiful clear skin.

1. Witch hazel and lemon

Squeeze out a lemon, add it to witch hazel and apply the mix on to your skin. You can use a soft brush or a cotton ball to spread it evenly on your skin. Wash it after a while. This works miracles on oily skin.

2. Rose water

A very simple way and perhaps the easiest way to make an astringent at home. All you need is water and some fresh rose petals. Clean the rose petals boil them in water and use the rose water on your face. Remember to cool the water before you put it on your face. It clears and softens your skin.

3. Lemon and orange peels

Think before you throw those peels away the next time. Lemon and orange peels have as many good things about them as the pulp. Dry the peels, make them into a powder, add water and then leave it on your skin. It acts as a good cleansing agent.

4. Cucumber

Anyway you apply it, it is good for your skin. You can mash it up into a pulp and spread it on your face or make it into a juice and apply it. It cools down your skin on top of working as an effective astringent.

5. Tomatoes

As with cucumber, tomatoes can be applies on your skin either in juice form or as a pulp. It is good for oily skin.

6. Apple cider vinegar

It is not too difficult to make at home and the benefits of apple skin vinegar are too many for your skin. You can just apply it on your skin and not worry about any adverse reactions.

The benefits of making homemade astringents apart from saving money are that you see what you put on your skin. You also know your allergies and can use the stuff that works best for your skin type-oily, dry or sensitive. And since these are quick to make and are made with things available at home, you can use it on your skin for two or three times a day. Just remember to wash your face before you apply any homemade astringent and also do not use soap or any chemical products to wash away these astringents. You can wash them away with plain water.

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