Top 10 Safety Tips For Women

6. Use a pepper spray

Pepper spray is perhaps the best self defense weapon you can use at the time of distress. It is the safest way to defend yourself from any unforeseen problems. Just keep it handy in your purse and stay safe for like 24/7.

7. Keep your home safe

Well, if you stay alone, then install a home security system. Like a CCTV or intercom can help you stay safe in the best possible way. This is the best way to feel protected and secured while staying home alone.

8. Lock the doors

Lock all your doors while sleeping or when you are alone at home. It is important that you lock all the doors of the car while driving. These small things can help to avert big problems in life.

9. Stay cyber safe

Never post your sexy pictures on social platforms as they would be easily misused. Keep your privacy options personal rather than public. Never give your passwords to people you don’t know. Cyber safety is important if you use internet a lot.

10. Stay positive and confident

If you are positive and confident in life, you can stay safe. It all depends on your attitude. With a cool attitude, you can give an impression that you are strong enough to face anything, so that makes the situation positive for you.

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