5 Ways To Improve Your Baby’s Sensory Movements Using Nursery Rhymes

5 Ways To Improve Your Baby’s Sensory Movements Using Nursery Rhymes

When a baby is born, a mother is born. Ever since a baby is born, he is exploring things around him, may it be his parents or hearing voices as everyone interacts with him. Even though he is small and cannot speak, he observes things around and absorbs as much information as he can.

Your baby is growing rapidly every day and this is the right time when he should be introduced to nursery rhymes. The effect nursery rhymes have on these little ones is quiet amusing and interesting and fun to experience.

Here are a few ways you can improve your baby’s sensory movements with nursery rhymes:

1. Nursery Rhymes Help In Improving Memory

Repeating the rhymes again and again not only registers the tunes and lyrics in the child’s brain but also teaches the child the correct grammar. Even though it is a very early age to teach grammar, it will help the child in future to speak the language correctly. With the visuals and music associated with the rhymes it provides over all development, exposing the child to complete visual and oral experience.

2. Same Rhyme, Different People

All the rhymes that have come down the line to you and your children were there during the time of your parents and grandparents too. It is kind of a long undying tradition, which should be passed down to every generation because it involves sharing of culture as well as helps in developing a child’s sensory development.

3. To Sharpen His Skills

The same set of nursery rhymes can be used differently to heighten your child’s awareness and exploring habits. When the child is a few months old, you can simply keep the rhyme playing and let him look at it without disturbance. Soon he will develop a liking towards a few rhymes and squeal in joy when those rhymes will be played.
During toddlerhood, show your child different objects and tap on those objects to highlight them. By this the child will come to know about different objects and different sounds those objects make. Start singing with your baby, as during this time the baby is developing his speaking abilities.
When the child becomes 4-5 year old, keep the tablet aside and let the music play. Sing and dance as the music plays and ask your child about the various animals, flowers and other animated characters in the rhymes. It will be a great group activity for the two of you and will get to spend more time this way with each other.

4. A Fun Activity

This will be a great way to expose your child to new vocabulary, new expressions, emotions, seasons and relations. For example, the next time you feed him something hot or cold, ask him how it feels and he’ll mumble it in his words.

5. Stimulation

It stimulates the child’s brain to think and experiment things out of curiosity. This way the child develops both, gross and fine motor abilities. Try and talk to him in the same language the rhymes are sang. It will provide a higher understanding to the child about the language and soon start making two – three-word sentences. Also, move your hands and legs the way the characters are doing in the rhymes and encourage your child to do so. This way, the child will be able to control his vague bodily movements.

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