7 Interesting Birthday Rituals Around the World

7 Interesting Birthday Rituals Around the World

Birthdays are always fun and full of celebration, be it anywhere in the world. We all know about the routine cake cutting, candle blowing, and partying ritual of birthdays, but every part of the world has its own unique way to celebrate this special day. Here are some of the most creative things people do on birthdays.

1. Head shaving of baby in India

On the first birthday of a child, most Hindu parents living in India go to a temple to get their baby’s head shaved. It is a ritual called ‘Mundan’ and they do so because they believe that negative energies associated with past lives are thus removed. Also, most Indians visit a place of worship on their birthday such as a temple, church or a mosque, to offer their thanks to God.

2. Birthday bumps of Ireland

The crazy tradition of picking up the birthday boy or girl and giving them ‘bumps,’ originated in Ireland. While many around the world have adapted this custom mainly for children, the Irish do no such differentiation and pick up adults and children alike on their birthdays to bump them lightly on the ground as many times as the person’s age.

3. Greasing noses in Canada

Canadians have loads of fun on birthdays with their nose greasing ritual. The birthday boy or girl is pinned down by family and friends and their noses are greased with butter, cream or such other greasy substances. The idea behind this tradition is that it will make the person far too slippery for any bad luck or negativity to cling onto them for long in the coming year.

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