14 Tips for Personal Hygiene Women Should Follow Regularly

Tips for Personal Hygiene Women Should Follow Regularly

Every woman must inculcate good personal hygiene habits. A bad hygiene routine spells good news for the germs and bad news for your career, health and relationship. If your hands are stranger to sanitizers you might be at risk of catching some annoying infections and deadly germs. Do not let the invisible bugs, yeast infections and bacterial growth creep on you.
Displayed bellow are some tips for personal hygiene that women of all ages should follow regularly.

1. Elevators buttons, ATM machines, escalator rails are the common touch points for germs to congregate. Keep a hand sanitizer in your purse, near your work station and one on your kitchen table. Wash your hands before and after your meals; after cleaning your house; hold appliances; and before and after taking your daily medicine dose.

2. A dental chewing gum can instantly give you a fresh breath and clean your teeth. Apart from that floss, brush your teeth at least twice a day.

3. Regular checkups can root out any cause of ongoing health issue that might give out a persistent body odor. Do visit gynecologist if you experience any itching or offensive smell.

4. Keep bacteria at bay with intimate cleansing routine. Do not over do it as it may affect the normal required pH level in the body.

5. Improve air circulation around your intimate parts by wearing loose cotton panties.

6. Wash and wipe your genital area after urination.
7. Wipe yourself properly from the back to prevent fecal remnant contaminating your vagina.

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