Top 10 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Top 10 Romantic Valentines Day Ideas

Have you made any plans for this Valentine’s? If you are confused about what you would like to do this time with the man of your life, you need to contemplate a number of romantic things, some of which you may not have tried before. Here is a list of 10 romantic Valentine’s day ideas which you may want to consider.

1. Watch a Romantic Movie on Home Video

Have you ever watched a movie together? Of course you have! But this Valentine’s Day, choose a movie that both of you enjoyed or love and watch it again on home video. Rent a DVD and watch it together even if you have already watched it together or otherwise. As the environment is already romantic since it is Valentine’s Day, you will really love watching a movie about love, together sitting in the comfort of your home.

2. Go for a Romantic Picnic

Go for a picnic – just the two of you. Choose a spot you never have visited before together and go there. Try and figure out a place which is not very crowded and spend the day with each other. Enjoy the privacy which you would get in a picnic spot and rejoice the company of each other.

3. Have a Candle Light Dinner

What better day to have a candle light dinner than Valentine’s Day? You may have had candle light dinner many times before but make it special this time. Book a table at a restaurant just for the two of you and on Valentine’s Day, you are sure to get special customized services and offers. Enjoy the night with each other having a dinner in candle light.

4. Cook a Meal Together

This Valentine’s Day, why not cook at home? And why not do it together? Even if he is not up to cooking, drag him into the kitchen, give him some easy tasks and cook a nice meal together. Enjoy the fun, the mistakes he might do, laugh at his silly questions regarding cooking food and you will find the exercise very rewarding. And if your man knows cooking, then there is nothing like it!

5. Go For a Massage

Book a couple massage at an exotic spa and enjoy the pleasure of a good massage together. Go for a full body sensual massage and you will feel rejuvenated. Buy massages which include use of scented oils and are very refreshing. Both will certainly enjoy it together and will have your bodies relaxed and invigorated with energy after the massage.

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