7 Tips to Maintain Friendship With Your Ex

7 Tips to Maintain Friendship With Your Ex

Who says ex lovers cannot be good friends? This is all in the mind. There is no harm in being friends with your ex. Here are some tips to enable you to maintain friendship with your ex.

1. Be honest

Are you being honest to yourself? Evaluate your intention for being friends with your ex. If you still have feelings for him, then you are heading for trouble. Let go of your past emotional baggage, if you want to continue good friendship with your ex.

2. Be happy

No one is forcing you to remain friends with your ex. This should be your personal choice. If you are happy and your ex also has similar feelings, then continue to remain friends with him. Here, comfort level plays the most important role.

3. Keep it platonic

Keep your relationship platonic if you want to remain friends with your ex. Follow a no kissing rule with him. If you get too physical with your ex after the breakup, there are chances that you might start feeling for him again. Remain friends but maintain a safe distance.

4. No c/h4>

If you are feeling emotionally low, then talk to your friends. Do not share your emotions with your ex. If there is an emotional involvement, then you would feel the same for him. In that case, the present scenario will change. Therefore, there should be no emotional involvement here.

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