5 Signs You are Feeling Homesick

5 Signs You are Feeling Homesick

The close-knit lifestyle of our grandparents is far gone. The 21st century is all about being on the run. Experimenting, traveling away from home, fulfilling all those dreams. This is great, right? Yes but the cost one has to pay for being away isn’t small. You feel lonely, depressed, you feel like you are the only one in the whole wide world alone on a Saturday night! Well, the world hasn’t suddenly turned into an unfriendly place. You are just homesick. Irrespective of age and sex, everyone has felt homesick at certain stage or time of their lives. It’s alright to be bit by the homesickness bug. But if it goes on undetected you might have a tough time dealing with it. So, it pays to know what’s bothering you. Here are five signs you are feeling homesick.

1. You don’t seem to have even one friend at college/ school/workplace

The faces you were earlier surrounded by are no longer here as you leave your family behind to start studies or work in a brand new place. Your caring dad, feisty mum, sweetheart best buddy from the school – no one. Initially, you thought you’ll easily score news friends in the new place but this is not happening, yet. A new place is always a challenge and chances are other girls or boys in your class are going through similar kind of re-adjustments. So, don’t feel too lonely or depressed if you don’t have any friends yet.

2. You are dying to eat donuts at Joe’s

Your University canteen has ample baked goods on offer, the new city has many other donut places, but nothing would simply do apart from Joe’s back home. The plain fact is you are terribly homesick. People often have this kind of hankering for something familiar when they are missing their home badly. And also it’s not about donuts. You can even seem to pine for a certain “smell in the air” that belongs “only to the hometown”, or your mother’s special white sauce pasta, or the old ferry man who you never thought of until now!

3. You are not getting much sleep or feeling sleepy at day time

This is not common, but often homesickness manifests in lack of sleep. Some may even rise with a heaviness in the heart. And when you are supposed to be in the class or working at office, you feel exhausted. Energy levels drop and you feel as if you are coming down with something. These are physical manifestations of your state of mind.

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