7 Budget-Friendly Fashion Tips for Summer

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It’s summer. The sun is out and so are your smiles. This is when you can step out happily and dress in the best of clothes and accessories sans all the cover up with multiple pieces of clothing. Every year for this reason, the summer collections are a colorful and happy lot. But at times, they also have the potential to burn a hole in your pocket. But here are some pocket friendly fashion tips for summer.

1. Swap it

Many cities run options for selling or swapping your old clothes and accessories for new ones. The ones like Kind Exchange in Toronto allow people to sell their old stuff for some money or swap them for new ones. If such options are not available in your city, then you could arrange swap programs with your friends and wear newer clothes when you are tired of your old stuff.

2. Try to begin a salon at home

An occasional visit to the salon may not be bank breaking but if you indulge in it periodically, you are likely to drill a hole down your pocket. So, at the drugstore you can buy some tools and products with which you can do up your nails or hair and get a similar appearance for much lesser.

3. Ask a student to style your hair

Do you want to look gorgeous in your new hairstyle? Going to a professional hair salon can set you back by a few hundred dollars. Instead, go to a professional training school. A student that is closely supervised can give you almost the same gorgeous results for a lot lesser had you gone to a salon.

4. Think versatile

It is best to shop for clothes that can be paired with several pieces of clothing. For instance, a white crop top is both casual and chic. You can wear them it colorful skirts or pants and it manages to look different every time. So, invest in clothes that are multi-faceted.

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