7 Top Study Abroad Destinations for Americans

7 Top Study Abroad Destinations for Americans

Are you an aspiring student and want to go abroad to study? Well, make the required arrangements for the passport and check out what you need for the visa. Here are some top study abroad destinations for Americans.

1. The United Kingdom

U.K. is one of the best places in the world as far as education is concerned. You have almost all kinds of courses available here in various universities. The quality of education is excellent and there are facilities for students that allow them to work and study at the same time. Moreover, there are a number of scholarships and you can avail one to continue studying there. It is not difficult to get a student loan to study for post graduate programs as well. Also, depending on your subject and the length of your program, it is possible to get a student visa. Since the language is English, it makes it easy for American students to start without any problem. And finally, since all kinds of cuisines are available, it is not difficult to adjust to the food culture.

2. Australia

This place offers a variety of study programs in geology, environmental studies, geography, biology, ecology, and more. English is the language here; though the accent and the dialect are different, it does not take time to adjust to it. Food is enjoyable and there are good provisions for students to stay in the university campus and otherwise. All in all, it is a beautiful place to stay and study. To get a student visa, you need an official document from the university that you have applied to and everything can be easily done online.

3. France

A great place to study for students interested in music, performing arts, literature, sculpture, architecture, creative arts, and more. Programs are available in English and while in France, you get to learn French too. Student loans are available and one can pay in installments as you study. Limited hours are allotted if you want to work but overall, it is a great place to study. It is essential to begin the process earlier as it takes some time to get the visa.

4. Spain

Spain has a wonderful history and so a good place for students of art history, linguistics, language, performing arts like theater and music, etc. It is a beautiful place for students to stay and there are many facilities other than lodging and boarding for students coming from foreign countries. Students are allowed to work during their free hours at specified areas of work. Student visa is essential for any program that goes beyond 90 days.

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