Top 10 Dating Dealbreakers

Top 10 Dating Dealbreakers

Dating is a sensitive transitional zone from falling in love, to being in a full-fledged relationship. It is the phase where a lot of responsibilities and duties come in, and very often,where people start having expectations from their partner. This is a subconscious way of trying to understand how much the other person will support you in the long run.

Like always, not everyone knows how to pass this kind of test. This is an even tougher battle for those who are in their first serious dating period. So here are some deal breaking issues you should know about, so that you can avoid them in your relationship, and keep it going for as long as it takes.

1. Cheating

No partner likes to be cheated on. When you are dating someone, you are in a way showing your loyalty towards that person. The dating phase gives you a sense of belongingness, and the person you belong to is your partner. If you replace that person’s position in your life with someone else, or secretly fall for another person, then you are cheating your partner. And this is obviously not going to be taken well by him, because he has given his heart and soul to the relationship.

2. Over Possessiveness

Yes, you are dating someone, but that does not mean that you own that person. He has his own life to live, with his own plans, and he can’t change it around only for one person – you. You need to understand that every other person he meets or hangs out with is not going to snatch him away from you. So you need to stop being over possessive, or else he may not want to be with you at all.

3. Excessive demands

The magic of getting things without asking for them is great. And this is really important to understand in a relationship. You can’t keep demanding each and every thing from your partner, materially or otherwise, or soon, your relationship will be that of a seeker-provider, instead of ‘lovers’. Plus, demanding often puts off men a lot.

4. A mad pace!

Relationships need to be handled with care and compassion. You can’t treat them like roller-coaster rides, going at crazy speeds. You need to take them slowly, giving time to each and every step, instead of skipping them and jumping to the final step. In clearer words, please don’t put the pressure of marriage on your partner, unless both of you are totally ready for it. Go slow, and go healthy! Or else, you might end up losing that precious guy.

5. No connection

It happens a lot of times that two people fall in love, start dating, but soon realize that they are too busy to spend time with each other, because they have other things to do in life. If even one of the partners in the relationship is very occupied with other goals in life, or is individualistic in their nature, then there is no point in dating, because eventually there will be no connection between the two people.

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