5 Ways to Help Your Teenage Daughter Overcome Jealousy

5 Ways to Help Your Teenage Daughter Overcome Jealousy

Teenagehood is a tumultuous phase which is filled with confusing emotions and feelings. With raging hormones and peer pressure, it’s no wonder that your teenage daughter is filled with jealousy and rage. Such negative emotions can adversely affect her academics as well as personality. Here’s how you can help your teenage daughter overcome jealousy.

1. Talk to her

Know what is going on in your daughter’s mind. Talk to her. Know why she is feeling jealous. Let her take it out on you so that you can know what is going on with her life. When the storm of her emotions settles, then talk to her and explain why jealousy will not help her achieve anything in life.

2. Teach her to respect herself

One of the most important things that you can teach your teenage daughter is to respect herself. Help her feel useful and productive. She should respect what she is. This will make her feel certain and confident about herself. Once that happens, she won’t feel jealous or try to become like someone else.

3. Make her strong enough to resist peer pressure

Negative feelings like rage and jealousy often stem from unhealthy competition prompted by peer pressure. Something as simple as regular conversation can make your teenage daughter strong enough to resist peer pressure. Don’t underestimate the power of words. Sit down with her and have a chat. Talk about her life, feelings and emotions. Teach her the realities of life. Be her friend as well as her mentor.

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