4 Ways to Avoid Social Media Addiction

Ways to Avoid Social Media Addiction

Addictions are hard to give up. And in this day and age, there’s a new addiction in town. The social media addiction. Do you find yourself glued to your PC or smartphone, constantly perusing your Facebook? Are you obsessed with clicking selfies to upload online on Snapchat? Do you feel the constant urge to tweet every 15 minutes? Maybe it’s time to cut free from the shackles of social media and get back to reality. Listed here are some ways to avoid social media addiction.

1. Take a break

Remove yourself from all forms of social media. Deactivate your facebook account, stay off whatsapp for a week, a month. See how it positively changes you. See the amount of time you gain from avoiding social media. Sure you might miss the latest tweet of your friend’s cheesecake treat, but you will get a lot of time and freedom in exchange, all of which you can productively use instead with your family and friends in real life. Use it to learn a new hobby, do something new. Improve yourself.

2. Use website filters and blockers

There are softwares and extensions available for every web browser out there that can restrict your use of certain websites, set timers or deactivate them completely. Coldturkey is one such software that blocks the websites you constantly check. Use these softwares to your advantage. Start with setting your Facebook usage to limited periods for instance and see your productivity increase manifold.

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