7 Reasons to be Single and Happy on Valentine’s Day

Reasons to be Single and Happy on Valentine's Day

The society and people in general sometimes give way too much importance to love and relationships that single people are either frowned on or been given the bad eye. It could be either out of concern or it could be just plain jealousy. Being single on Valentine’s Day is made out to be such a sad thing to do when it really isn’t. Valentine’s Day is more of a commercial thing that about celebrating real love. You should be happy that you are not part of the whole Valentine’s Day circus and get to look at it from outside. Here are reasons to be single and happy on Valentine’s Day.

1. There is no pressure to deliver

You are expected to come up with something new and novel for Valentine’s Day to proclaim your love for him. This could turn out to be something really stressful to do. Be happy that there is not pressure for you to deliver and please someone else on Valentine’s Day. Being single means that it is just you that you need to keep happy.

2. You can save a lot on flower and chocolates

Imagine the amount of money you can save on Valentine’s Day when you do not have to send him flowers, gifts or chocolates. You can spend the money on yourself and buy something really good that you have been wanting for long.

3. You get to laugh at the silly things lovers do

It has become more a ritual than an expression of true love to do something on Valentine’s Day. You can have a good laugh at people trying to do funny things to keep others happy and in love.

4. No one can ditch you on Valentine’s Day

When you are single, there is no way anyone can ditch you. It is normal to see people getting dumped or being spurned on Valentine’s Day and thank god that you do not have to go through such humiliating experiences in life.

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