8 Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Ways to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

Holidays are all about zeal, excitement, fun and enthusiasm. But, what you forget is to control overeating and binging on food during holidays. Because of over consumption of food, many people tend to gain weight. How will you keep your weight stable during holidays? Read on to know.

1. Eat in limits

Always set a limit for eating. Agreed, there might be many delicacies of food to binge on during holidays. But, do not overeat. Eat in moderate quantity to satisfy your pleasure. Set a line to control while eating.

2. Eat balanced meals

During holidays, since you spend most of the time inside the house, you consume meals at any random time you desire. This unhealthy meal option can increase your weight. It is advisable to have a balanced meal plan. Have three to four small meals. A right balance ensures a healthy weight.

3. Do not keep snacking

Holidays are fun but you also tend to become lazy. You might snack in between the meals. Limit your snacking or replace it with other healthy options. Having too much of chocolate can increase the weight tremendously, so limit the chocolate intake.

4. Limit drinks

Consumption of alcohol during holidays increases the weight of a person. Alcohol converts calories into fats, if consumed on a daily basis. If possible, have alcohol in moderate quantity and occasionally. Or else, choose options like red wine or beer.

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