5 Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner This Year

5 Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner This Year

To love someone and to do things with them is a beautiful and special experience that would be cherished by everyone. It is hard to keep a relationship going smoothly at all times. Fights and petty squabbles are part of any relationship. Romance is something that makes a relationship interesting and lets a couple see the relationship beyond their fights and misunderstandings. To be romantic does not mean that one has to do things that are text-book romantic. Your taste and that of your partner can change and you can do things that you two consider romantic. If you are out of ideas here are some romantic things you can do with your partner.

1. A candlelight dinner in your house

You do not have to go to a restaurant or book a table in a place that is high on sentimental value for you. Your partner might come back home tired after a days of work. Instead of bugging them to get dressed and go out, you could bring the romance of a candlelit dinner in your house. Make something that is a favorite of your partner and light candles all over the house. Just remember to give them a little time to relax before the dinner and try to spring it as a surprise.

2. Go for a poetry recital

This could work only if your partner is into poems. If you know your partner is into poems, a poetry recital can turn into a romantic date for you. Not only will you enjoy the poetry, you will also enjoy a intellectually stimulating time with your partner. You could also get creative and surprise your partner with a poem of your own. Nothing beats romance like a bit of old fashioned poetry in this modern world.

3. Have something of a treasure hunt within the house and have a naughty present at the end of the hunt

Create a treasure hunt within the house. Hide clues all around the house and make sure that at the end, the prize s something naughty as well as a little shocking for your partner. Showing a different side of you to your partner will make your life interesting and also bring in a dose of romance to your everyday life.

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