5 Tips to Avoid Rejection from a Guy You Like

5 Tips to Avoid Rejection from a Guy You Like

Rejection is one thing girls always fear and that’s probably one reason why they hesitate to ask a guy out. But you can avoid it altogether. Simply check out these tips to avoid rejection from the guy you like.

1. Avoid pretense at all cost

Always remember, guys do not like fake. Be just the way you always are. Don’t pretend to be the most popular girl or don’t act like you have all the money when you don’t. If you are a nerd, so be it. There is nothing to be ashamed of who you really are.

2. Do not overdo

Don’t overdo things. Don’t make it seem obvious that you like the guy. If you really like him, even your small gestures give away hints. Behave normal when you interact with him. Who knows, he might be the one to ask you out on a date. But if you overdo it, he might just reject you.

3. Do not give him too much importance

If guys get more importance, not only do they brag about it to other guys but might just use your emotions for the sake of fun. Ultimately when you ask him out, he might just reject you.

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