10 Reasons Why Some Women Hate Facebook

10 Reasons Why Some Women Hate Facebook

You may sometimes feel as if everyone that you know is hooked on to Facebook. However, there are a number of reasons why some women choose not to be a part of Facebook’s world. We give you a list of such reasons.

1. They think it is a waste of time

Women who are career oriented or have busy lifestyles, might find being on Facebook as a sheer waste of time. They probably might log into Facebook once every 10-15 days, just because they had once created an account. However, they would not like logging in daily and spending time on this social networking site.

2. They wish to avoid comparisons with others

Being constantly on Facebook might end up making you feel bad about yourself and this is one of the reasons why women end up not using it. With new updates, pictures, and statuses every second, you may get the feeling that your life is not as exciting as those of others. This eventually will give you a feeling that your life is lacking something.

3. Facebook has a long friend list with no real friends

The fact you probably haven’t met or personally talked to most of your friends in the friend list can be extremely disillusioning. This may also lead to depression as you realize that you do not have as many real friends as you thought you did. This might make many women leave Facebook.

4. There is too much happening at the same time

When a first time user logs into Facebook, she might feel overwhelmed with so much information thrown at her and might feel discouraged to be a regular user. With pokes, app requests, photographs, friend requests, status updates, chat options, she might feel like way too many things are happening at the same time. She might find Facebook too complicated and eventually decide not to use it.

5. They wish to avoid virtual fights

On Facebook, you may end up having a fight with someone over a comment or a status update. You may not even know the other person and still you might end up getting hurt. Since women already have enough relationships to deal with outside Facebook, having virtual fights may be the last thing that they want.

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