6 Reasons to Watch Person of Interest

6 Reasons to Watch Person of Interest

Crime series are a dime a dozen these days. Almost every channel you tune into has a crime drama running on it. Cops, crimes and detectives who solve it or burn out. Just when we think we have seen it all, comes Person of Interest. Instead of telling us or showing us the crime and taking us through the process of solving it, Person of Interest focuses on new and different ways on how a crime is prevented even before it is committed. You never know if the person of interest is going to be the victim or the perpetrator. The suspense of not knowing the purported crime keeps you engaged through all the episodes and makes you want to watch it more.

1. The characterization is brilliant

You feel for the characters and are not just engrossed with the drama that unfolds or the nature of the crime.

2. The actors leave a mark behind

The actors are natural and bring life to the characters. Even if they are guest stars, you watch the credits just to see who has done a particular role in the episode.

3. Finch

His dry sarcasm makes the show even more engrossing and interesting. There is also the added suspense of knowing that his is not a uni-dimensional character but has different facets to his personality adding to the secrecy.

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