Which Clothing Colors Are The Best for You? Find Out With These 4 Tips

Which Clothing Colors Are The Best for You? Find Out With These 4 Tips

Everyone wants to look presentable and that is why we spend so much time trying to choose the right clothes, the right hairstyle or the right accessories. But regardless of how perfectly well your hair or that pattern suits you, not wearing the right colors will make all your efforts seem futile and in vain. By wearing the colors that suit you, you can make your skin glow; your eyes sparkle and to a certain extent even look slimmer. Here are a few useful tips that will help you choose your best clothing colors.

1. Choose the right colors according to your hair

Blondes look good with warm and bright colors such as yellows, oranges and rusts and also, tans and taupes.
Brunettes look good in a wide variety of shades such as greens, blues, oranges, browns and pinks.
Browns and oranges suit redheads the best.
Gray heads should prefer bright colors like red, rose, plum and berry and also jewel tones such as bright blues, clear greens and bold golds. Steer away from grays and pastels, beiges and tans. Basically, go for something that is bold and bright.

2. Find out your underlying skin color

a. Pinch your earlobe and observe the color for a few seconds. The color that you see now is your underlying skin color. Your underlying skin tone helps you choose the colors that suit you well.
b. If it is a blue or pink or other rosy tones, cool colors will suit you best whereas if you see peach golden or other coral tones, warm colors are going to suit you best.

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