5 Tips on How to Match Lip Color With Your Skin Tone


It’s good to be experimental and try new things. But when it comes to makeup, you really need to know what suits your skin type and skin tone. The process of doing the makeup should be perfect, be it the selection of base, lipstick, eye makeup, blush or anything else. There may be new lipstick trends but you can’t really use them until they suit your skin tone. Here are 5 tips on how to match your lip color with your skin tone.

1. Know your complexion

It is important to know your skin tone first before deciding and buying any makeup products. Your skin tone would be fair, wheatish, dusky, dark or something else. This is the first step in deciding before buying the lipstick.

2. Use shades of pink for fair skin

Dark shades do stand out on fair skin. So, the more complementing ones would be shades like pinks, apricots and corals. Cool undertones for fair skin would be mocha, mauve while warm undertones could be shades of peach.

3. Avoid nude colors if you have wheatish complexion

It is great to have such a skin tone because mostly all the lipstick shades go well with the skin tone. Dark shades, mild shades, shades of pink, corals, browns, reds, almost all shades suit this one. Avoid using nude shades that blend in the skin tone.

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