5 Homemade Father’s Day Gifts


There is nothing more special than a gift made out of love. So, this father’s day we present some homemade fathers day gift ideas, which you can use to make a special gift for your father.

1. The Cool Dad Cap

If your father likes to wear caps, then you can make him one. Buy a white, or crème colored plain baseball cap from the stores. Then use cloth paint or permanent marker to write or draw cool things on the cap.
You can write words like “My daddy coolest” or something that aligns with his hobby like if your dad loves to play golf, then you can write “The best golf player” etc. Draw pictures to go along with the words.

2. Apron for dad

If your dad loves to cook, then maybe you can present him with a nice apron to wear during his cooking hours. Buy a plain white apron, and fill it with phrases like “I am best at what I do. You must taste my pasta.” Or “I am not a part of the kitchen disaster. I’m the disaster!” Don’t forget to draw a barbecue grill or a stove!

3. Personalized penholder

All working dads will need a penholder to be kept in their office. So, why not make a penholder for your dad on this Father’s day? All you need is glue, a few color pens and cardboard. Decide the shape of the penholder, and cut the cardboard in appropriate shapes and sizes. Glue them together and let them stay. Draw a cute picture, or write something for your dad on the holder.

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