Do You Follow Your Heart Or Your Head In Life?

Do You Follow Your Heart Or Your Head In Life?

Most of us are often caught up in the whirlwind of determining what to follow, the heart or the head, in order to obtain the most desirable outcome. This is many times a very complex and Herculean task. Where there is a coincidence between what your heart tells and what your head decides, life becomes easy. However, this is not the case all the time.

Your heart emotes, expresses and feels but your head thinks rationally and practically. The answer of determining the choice often lies on the situation and person. However, this is often easier said than done. Sometimes, it is important to obtain answers from both of these before choosing the best. Arriving at that kind of maturity may take some amount of time but is necessary for the human psyche to be satisfied when a decision is made.

When you are in a tight corner, applying certain important tips will help you make a satisfactory decision which will eventually be a desirable one.

1. Talk to your heart and head in the same way you do so with each of them. Your logical thinking may try to give you the most rational answer but it is equally important to reason out with your heart. Although it may be confusing to begin with; when the confusion settles, your answer will emerge.

2. Follow your body and the various signals it is emitting towards the situation or person. Unconsciously and inadvertently, our bodies are conditioned in a way as to emit signals every time we are exposed to a third party object, person or occasion. Observing the signals your body gives is a great way to identify your precise thoughts over the subject. For example, tightness in chest or churning in stomach could be associated with fear.

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