6 Tips to Deal With a Rude Classmate

6 Tips to Deal With a Rude Classmate

If you are in school, college or university, you are likely to come across classmates who are rude and obstinate. Here are a few ways of dealing with a rude classmate without retaliating in anger.

1. Ignore your classmate

An easy way to deal with your rude classmate is to ignore him or her completely. When you don’t pay attention to your rude classmate, you will be able to disarm him or her. Your classmate will feel angry that you are not paying attention to his or her antics. Ignoring a rude person initially may be very offensive as you stop yourself from reacting to an insult, but it will pay off in the long run.

2. Talk to a teacher or a friend

Sometimes a classmate’s rudeness can reach such an extent that you may need to seek intervention. If you have already told your rude classmate to keep a check on his or behavior and you are still not seeing any difference, it may be the right for you to ask help from a teacher and friend. Getting a helping hand may put more pressure on your rude classmate to stop such obstinate behavior.

3. Talk back with firmness, not anger

It is natural to feel a surge of anger pass through your body when your classmate talks to you rudely. But this is your make or break moment. If you succumb to your anger and retaliate in the same way, you will instigate more rudeness in your classmate and a full fledged fight will ensue. Instead, have the upper hand in the situation and stay calm. Retaliate with a firm statement or a penultimate warning, not with anger.

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