5 Easy Christmas Cocktail Recipes

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Christmas is all about making merry, eating, drinking and partying. If you are hosting any Christmas parties at your place, have you thought about how you will entertain your guests with drinks? Here are a few Christmas cocktail recipes you can use. Take approximate quantities of ingredients as per the quantity you want to make.

1. Eggnog

Although eggnog is a traditional Christmas cocktail, many versions of eggnogs are being drunk throughout the world during Christmas. Conventionally, eggnog is a cocktail which is a blend of eggs, cream, sugar, milk with whiskey, brandy, rum or vodka. But you can spruce up your eggnog and add a twist to it this festive season. Create iced eggnog by stirring a mix of cinnamon, cold water and sugar on low heat until the sugar melts. After the mixture cools down, blend it with the classic eggnog mix and serve in cocktail glasses with shredded ice.

2. Cranberry cordial

Cranberries are a part of many Christmas dessert recipes so don’t forget to include them in your cocktails too. As a fruit, cranberry can add a great deal of punch and life to any cocktail. You can create a simple cranberry cordial by mixing cranberries, water and sugar in a saucepan. After boiling the mixture, allow it to cool. Blend the mixture and pass it through a sieve to get a rich and thick puree. Add sparkling water, tonic or a dash of vodka to create a Christmas cocktail out of it.

3. Wine punch

Wine punch is a bit like sangria but it has more fruit and a lot more spice. Since wine is an integral part of Christmas, you should include it in a cocktail version too. Collect brown sugar, star anise, cinnamon, cloves and rinds of orange. Mix all these ingredients with water in a pan with just enough heat to dissolve the sugar. Simmer the mixture until it gets a syrup like consistency. Pass the syrup through a sieve and add a dash of cointreau and wine in it. After chilling this cocktail, add crushed ice and serve it to your guests. You can garnish the drink with a few rinds to make it look pretty.

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