Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Top 5 Baby Shower Ideas For Girls

Today, coming up with a baby shower theme is so much easier as you become aware of the gender of the baby earlier on. It is so much nicer to have a themed baby shower party, fitting the gender of your baby. This way you can also get more useful and appropriate sweet baby shower gifts. Take a look at top 5 baby shower ideas and themes for girls.

1.Pink Theme

Pink color is often associated with girls and it also fits little girls perfectly making them look oh-so-cute! You may select this color for your little pink baby shower party. To do this, you can order pink customized invitations to send out to your guests. You can get disposable pink dishes, pink balloons, pink decorations and pink baby shower party favors to give out to the kids. Also, ask your guests to wear something pink when they come to the baby shower, men included.

2.Ladybug Theme

This is another theme for your girl baby shower party. You can creatively design the invitation cards in the form of a ladybug. You can get disposable ladybug dishes, decorations. You can also bake or order a ladybug cake for your party.

3.Teddy Bear Theme

This is a good chance of getting a whole collection of teddy bears for your baby girl. Get the theme related teddy bear invitations, dishes, decor items and favors. Ask your guests to add at least one teddy bear to their baby shower gifts. You can also ask your guests to find all kinds of teddy bear gifts for your baby such as teddy bear clothes, cups, diapers and so on.

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