5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks

5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Geeks

Hurray! It’s Christmas season again and you are all busy collecting gifts for your dear ones. Finding it difficult to select something cool, trendy or techy for your geek friend? You need not be worried, as there are hundreds of options for you. Be it for techies, gamers, chemists or physicists, you just have to choose the right gift for them. From the Samsung Galaxy Gear to Google glass, Fusion wallet to Wifi hot spot cuff links, Bluetooth shower speaker to musical wine glasses, computer tool kit to gaming vibration headphones, there’s a lot to choose from. However, here are 5 hand-picked gift ideas for geeks this Christmas.

1. Pocket-sized HDMI projector

Your geek friend will be extremely thankful for this pocket-size HDMI projector. It helps to give a big screen view of simply anything. This compact, portable and rechargeable pocket projector helps in business presentations to playing games and watching movies. It can be connected to most smartphones, tablets, video players, computers, game consoles, cameras and more. The projector also boasts of a 3″ HDMI cable, rechargeable 3800mAh battery and AC adapter.

2. Cordless computer mouse

Your computer geek friend will surely fall for this cordless computer mouse. Go for Lebedev’s Mus 2, a cordless computer mouse that looks like a cursor. The shape of the mouse is unique and it fits very well in your hand. This easy-to- use optical mouse has a frame speed of 2300fps and comes in black and white colors. Created by the immensely creative Art Lebedev, the cursor mouse has a power meter to alert when the battery needs to be changed. This cordless mouse will be a great gift to gadget lovers.

3. Mutewatch

Mutewatch, the LED watch which is a hot favorite, among geeks is a great gift item. You just need to tap the watch for time and just swipe for various menus. Powered by a rechargeable battery, the watch can be charged using an inbuilt USB cable. Select your colors from black, grey, blue and purple.

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