7 Tips to Make Christmas Cards More Creative This Season

7 Tips to Make Christmas Cards More Creative This Season

Cards are for all seasons, but the cards that come out for Christmas are the most colorful and the most cheerful. It is a tradition in many families and many countries to make Christmas cards and send it out to their close friends and family. Instead of posing as a family and having solemn faces, or plastic smiles attached on, you can make your cards more creative this Christmas and here are a few ideas to do so.

1. Take your pictures early

Do not wait till Christmas day or a few days before to take your Christmas picture. Since you would be sending it to a lot of people, you need to get them ready few weeks before Christmas. Give enough time for the printers too to get them all ready as this will be a busy season for them printing thousands of Christmas cards.

2. Attach a little gift to your card

Attach a little customized gift to your card. It could be a miniature Santa or a keychain with your family picture or even a small ribbon to make it more interesting. The prettier your card, the less chances of it ending up at the bin.

3. Scented cards

Make your Christmas cards scented by adding little twigs of lavender, cinnamon or cloves inside. Your cards will smell for a long time and the recipients can even put them under their clothes for the smell to spread.

4. Take goofy pictures

Take goofy pictures as a family or make a collage of whatever interesting thing you did this year and make it into a Christmas card. It will also be your chance to let your family and friends on what you have been doing this year if you haven’t been keeping in touch regularly.

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