Top 5 Signs That You Are A Multitasking Mom

Top 5 Signs That You Are A Multitasking Mom

“The great thing about multitasking moms is that they don’t even realize that they may be getting more work done than the average Joe sitting in the office. Multitasking moms are the biggest asset any family can have and if you are one, I suggest that you get your hubby to pamper you till no end”, said Megan, 45, a mother of 2 and a woman who knows the abilities of a multitasking mom. Read on to find out if you are a multitasking mom like Megan.

1. You manage more than one child

“Because I manage the daily lives of two children, I know it is a hair raising task to make sure that the schedules of my kids are flawless everyday. For managers who think that their lives of managing lazy employees are tough, I suggest that they come and live the life of a multitasking mom. They will be surprised”, exclaimed Megan. Like Megan, do you have more than one child? If you do, you are most likely to be responsible for their routines, food, dresses, pick up and drop offs, isn’t it? Hats off to you! You’ve just taken the first step in finding out that you are a multitasking mom.

2. You are a working mother

Working mothers face the wrath of both worlds, a job, and the children with the household. “I don’t think any man can imagine the life of a working mother. The minute you start to work, it is a clear sign that you are a multitasking mom. Working mothers manage their jobs, manage the household, manage the children and be loving partners”, said Megan. Are you a working mother? If you are, we really respect the efforts you are putting in to be the pillar of your family. Maybe it’s time your husband realized that you are a multitasking mom and took you for a nice vacation to Europe?

3. You manage the household finances

“The husbands may think that they are in control of the household finances, but actually they’re not. It is a clear sign that you are a multitasking mom if you manage household finances. That’s because you are dealing with your family’s money, unlike in the corporate world where your husbands would be typically budgeting somebody else’s money”, explains Megan. Wow, we definitely did not think about that, did you? So if you are running around to pay the bills, keep the grocery expenses under control and managing the other nitty gritty expenses of the household, pat yourself on the back because you are a multitasking mom. And maybe you want to ask your husband, “Do you know that companies pay thousands of dollars a month to accountants who do the same job in their pretty little offices?”

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