5 Reasons Crying is Good for Health

5 Reasons Crying is Good for Health

Tears have been called emotional perspiration. When you call it perspiration it means it is something that is vital to your healthy living. Crying is frowned upon in many cultures. It is seen as a sign of weakness especially in a man. Tears have also got a bad rap when it is women who are crying as a lot of people see it as a weapon that women use to get their own way. There is nothing wrong in crying unless you are crying for everything and you are labelled a cry-baby. Crying can be even good for your health and here are some reasons as to why crying is good for your health.

1. It releases all your stress

When you are completely stressed out, it is advisable to just cry it out. Instead of just keeping stress inside and fuming over something, when you cry, you are venting out all your stress and frustrations. Crying can be a great stress buster. If you do not want to get embarrassed crying out in the public, you can always go home and cry as much as you want in the privacy of your room.

2. It lightens your mood

Ever noticed that you always feel better after having a good cry? You start crying because you are in a foul mood or because you are sad. When you are done crying, you will always feel a little better and feel like the tears have washed away part of your pain. Cry to lighten up your mood.

3. Tears clean your eyes

The normal function of tears is to keep your eyes lubricated enough, so your lenses and cornea are not scratched. It not only helps you see well, but tears also wash away any dirt that can be in your eyes. Tears also flush out all the toxins form your eyes and kill of any bacteria that is lodged there. Whether it is tears of laughter or some serious crying, it is always good for your eye health to have a good cry.

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