8 Healthy New Year Resolutions to Make This Year

8 Healthy New Year Resolutions to Make This Year

New Year resolutions are somewhat like babies. They are really easy and fun to make, but tough to maintain. New Year resolutions related to health can not only make you healthier but it can also make your family healthier. Here are some healthy New Year resolutions you can make this year.

1. Shed those extra pounds

Routine chores and work leaves you with no spare time. Most women are busy maintaining their homes, cooking for their family and working 9 hours a day. If you too can’t find the will to lose weight then make a New Year resolution to lose weight. Try and take out at least one and a half hour a day to work out. Take your friends along to a park and run for at least half an hour. You can brisk walk for one hour. Increase the running time gradually. Join a Gym if you don’t want to go for jogging in a park. Work out makes your body healthier and your mind more stable.

2. Quit smoking

Smoking is a terrible habit. It is injurious to health, it makes you look bad and it takes away a lot of money from your pocket. You may have tried to quit smoking a lot of times before, but don’t give up until you succeed. In order to make this easier for yourself, you can talk to an ex-smoker and you will understand that it takes multiple attempts to quit smoking. Think of all the money you will save once you quit smoking.

3. Cut down on your stress

Life gives pressure to everyone. A little pressure will not kill us. Instead, these short bouts of stress will give you an energy boost or motivation. On the other hand, if the stress is chronic, then it will increase the risk of insomnia, heart disease, depression, obesity and a lot more. Long working hours, little sleep and no exercise can contribute majorly to stress. So, spend time with your family, spend time with yourself, and have fun on weekends. Try and pamper yourself in a Spa if your job is stressful. Resolve to make efforts to take less stress and you will surely feel healthier.

4. Reduce your and your family’s junk food intake

Going to restaurants for junk food can not only make you unhealthy but it can also burn a hole in your pocket. So, make a resolution to try and avoid junk food now on and go for healthier food options if you go to a restaurant. This will help you avoid heart diseases, fatigue, obesity, etc.

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