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7 Tips To Reduce Pigmentation Edited 0

7 Tips To Reduce Pigmentation

There are many reasons for pigmentation on the skin. Exposure to sun and problem in melanin producing cells are two of the main reasons of pigmentation. It is not possible to remove the pigmented...

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7 Ways To Minimize Pores

Do you feel that your pores on face affect your facial beauty? If you have an oily skin, then chances are your pore size may increase with time. But, there are many ways to...

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6 Ways to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Acne scars are any woman’s nightmare. They are not only ugly and painful but they also have the tendency of appearing suddenly out of no where. The worst scenario is when that dirty red...

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8 Tips for Facial Cleansing

In today’s rigorous and stressful world, we often don’t put facials in our priority list. Due to this, our skin loses its suppleness and smoothness, thus, becoming rough and unhealthy. However, one must realize...

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10 Ways to Apply Makeup Like a Pro

Makeup can do wonders! It can conceal your skin’s flaws and can enhance your best features. Keeping your skin protected is as important as looking great with all that makeup. So, check out the...

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6 Beauty Tips to Learn from 90210

Since the first day of its launch, 90210, the well-known television series, has been popular amongst youth. Do you know the reason why? Well, it is because of its beauty and fashion trends. Women...