4 Things to Do In Paris

Paris is perhaps the most romantic of all the cities in the world. It has got a distinct charm of history, art, architecture, and love. Other cities are more like urban enclaves where money is made and exchanged. Paris is the haunt of lovers and artists – not just the exclusive domain of business magnets.

The problem tourists face in Paris is a lack of time. There are bountiful of tourist attractions in this city. The majority of the tourists complain of a lack of time to enjoy Paris to the fullest. So, an early warning to those who plan to visit Paris must be about planning – allocate sufficient time in Paris in your tour itinerary.

In spite of the caveat, it must be noted that most tourists find it hard to spend too much time in any city, even in Paris. To help such people, here is a list 4 most important things to do in Paris.

Visit the Eiffel Tower

Visit the Eiffel Tower

1. Visit the Eiffel Tower

This is the most obvious landmark in Paris - so obvious that even children know where to head to when they are in Paris. Be prepared to spend time with a large crowd, as there is no such thing called an off season for Eiffel Tower. The place is surrounded by some high quality cafes and restaurants.

Photo Courtesy: Sean MacEntee

Go boating on the Seine

Go boating on the Seine

2. Go boating on the Seine

The Seine is the second most popular destination of Paris. If you are a literature buff, you must have heard of the association many literary greats of the previous centuries had had with the river. At present, you can enjoy a pleasant boat ride in the river by exploring many moods of the city.

Photo Courtesy: JPC24

Visit Art Museums

Visit Art Museums

3. Visit Art Museums

What is a visit to Paris without seeing the many art museums in the city. There are a variety of great art galleries and cinema museums. Even if you do not enjoy classical art much, it would be a great miss if you give skip the opportunity to visit the art galleries.

Photo Courtesy: Bogdan Migulski

Explore Parisian Cuisine

Explore Parisian Cuisine

4. Explore Parisian Cuisine

Food in Paris is what is universally acknowledged and enjoyed. Both art lovers and ordinary folks enjoy the wine, dishes, and delicacies available in Paris. There are great number of pubs, bars, restaurants, and cafes that suit different tastes and different budgets. Nobody would be disappointed.

Photo Courtesy: malias

  • Visit the Eiffel Tower
  • Go boating on the Seine
  • Visit Art Museums
  • Explore Parisian Cuisine

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